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Make Your Landscape More Beautiful With Astroturf

Whatever you call it, Astroturf, Fake grass, Plastic grass or Synthetic grass, artificial grass is rapidly becoming more popular for several reasons. Although we are able to cater for all hard and soft landscaping requirements, our real expertise lies within Astro turf. More homeowners are becoming interested in conserving water and spending less time maintaining their lawns by replacing their natural grass with artificial turf.

No more muddy footprints and paw prints through the house. With high quality grass imitation products giving home owners the benefit of low maintenance and a lush looking.

A regular cleaning program is always recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy of your Astroturf. After you contact us, we will calculate an immediate budget and if you need it, advise you on the most appropriate type of artificial grass for your project and needs. Through this, you can make a quick decision without any hassle or confusion. Then we can offer a no-obligation appointment and a detailed fixed-price quotation will be presented to you upon a site visit to confirm.

We Have an Artificial Grass For Your Needs

Whether you want an immaculate ornamental lawn, a soft, friendly area for safe play or a hard-wearing lawn to withstand  of your active dog, we have an artificial grass for your needs.

The cost of an artificial lawn varies from project to project based on the synthetic grass you select and the area that you need. It can also vary depending on the shape and wastage of the area, access to the garden and the current surface of the area.

As the Artificial Grass is rolled out away from you, all the blades of grass will point towards you. So the Pile Direction will always be perpendicular to the width. Pile Direction is also very important to the appearance of your lawn.

In most cases, you want to make sure that all of the blades are bending in the same direction, which gives your lawn a more natural look. This is easy to achieve by unrolling and laying out your turf prior to installation, which you need to do anyway. It is particularly important if the size or shape of your lawn requires you to use more than one piece of turf, which means that you will have seams where the strips of turf connect. If you are using more than one piece of manufactured grass to create your new lawn, you will need to make sure that each piece has the grain going in the same direction.

For the best results, work with an experienced artificial grass installation company. This will allow you work with a design consultant who can assist you in making important decisions about your installation, including in which direction the pile should be faced.