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We are a local family runing business having 25 years of experience.

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Our Designs Go Beyond Your Vision

We know what works and where. We are not afraid to go above and beyond the conventional ‘norms’ of garden designing. With your input, we will create something that is stunningly unique and very you. We do our utmost to create a setting that’s beyond anything you have imagined whilst always considering your budget and time constraints.

Using Modern Technology To Take Your Gardens To New Levels

At A&A Garden Services, we use advance technologies to give you a really clear picture of what your garden will look like complete. These make our designs come to life even before we have touched your soil. We really do find ways of making your vision a reality!

Our talented design team will employ the latest technology to create and render a life-like vision of your completed garden. This process ensures you know exactly what you are getting and aligns everyone’s vision and expectations on what the final landscape should look like.