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Looking for a New, Beautiful Garden designed to suit YOU!  Get a FREE Consultation to discuss garden plans & designs.
At the first meeting your designer will carry out your “Design Brief” questionnaire and survey your existing garden, enabling you both together to develop a clear shared vision of your perfect new garden.
When it comes to garden planning ideas everything is planned using good old fashioned pen to paper and later you can request the 3D version of the design.
Your designer will guide you through your design briefly when planning a garden to ensure your garden once created satisfies all your dreams and wishes. This consultation is the simplest way to allow you to ensure there is a clear understanding of how you want to best use the space in your garden, and how to integrate all the different features that you want.
As we move into the garden planning stage, a site survey will be carried out to determine how best to make the desired outcome a reality in the space provided.

At this stage we’ll also look at crucial planning elements such as:

The desired use of the garden (e.g. entertaining, practical space, children’s play, vegetables, meditation, etc.)
Your likes and dislikes
The planning restrictions (if any)
Restrictions caused by the direction of the garden and sun exposure
Issues arising due to soil profile
We’ll take into consideration all of the above and put forth suggestions to work with anything that has been made apparent during the site survey in order to create garden plans for the front of house or back, ensuring it is as in line with the brief and your desires as is possible.
Most importantly – during every step of that process – we listen, after all we are creating your perfect garden, not ours.With garden design, details and planning are important from your selected trees, shrubs, climbers and perennial plants and how they combine, your selection of colours of paintwork and stains for timber, your preferred style of furniture and lighting and water features your designer will ensure the combination of all this and more complement the overall theme of your garden and represent your lifestyle and aesthetic.


Transform your outdoor spaces

While UK weather patterns has changed and reached its hottest temperature ever recorded in 2022, British people tend to spend more time in the garden and enjoy the weather. So creating the perfect beautifull garden as the extention of the property is something that British people do it much more than before. We take great pride in our garden design and love that we’re able to transform our customer’s outdoor spaces. If you’d like to discuss a project or simply want more information about our garden design process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Many people find their garden sees more shade than sunshine. While a shaded garden might leave you fewer plant opportunities, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some colour to your outdoor space.Many British gardens are of the shady variety, and it’s a common issue homeowners face. Shaded gardens typically have less grass and more plants, as grass needs sunlight to grow. Another common issue with these gardens is how they deal with water because less light and air circulation mean lower evaporation levels and more fungal problems.When you’re choosing plants for a shaded garden, it’s essential to consider

you must remember to consider your soil type, climate and how much maintenance you’re willing to perform. If you need any help along the way, please feel free to contact our friendly team of specialists. Unsure about whether you’re a traditional kind of person or love contemporary garden designs? Check out our helpful guide here so that you can plan the perfect outdoor space.

If there’s a particular style that you would like for your garden, we can work out how to creat a unique, beautiful garden based on your idea