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We are a local family runing business having 25 years of experience.

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Landscaping is an essential component of gardening that enables both the soft elements of your garden such as flowers and every living being to work harmoniously with the hard elements of your garden which includes walls, patios and fences. Striking the right ratio and combination of the hard  and soft landscaping elements is essential. Hardscaping objects can be used to serve a practical purpose, such as to segregate areas or reduce water run-off, or they can serve a purely decorative purpose.

Professional landscaping designers

Our professional landscaping designers are able to work with either new builds or existing designs to integrate essential elements such as walkways, water features, grass, trees and shrubbery, flowers, hanging baskets, turf, lighting, paved areas, steps and furniture. We spend time with our clients, listening to your ideas and thinking about the practicalities of the proposed planning before coming up with detailed outlines for the design. This allows us to create landscaped gardens that are beautiful, practical, and suit your lifestyle.