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The #1 Choice For Fencing

Closeboard fencing remains a popular way to build a solid boundary fence that will stand the test of time. Sometimes referred to as close board fencing, ship lap or featherboard, closeboard wooden fencing is constructed from overlapping vertical timber boards which are nailed to horizontal rails running between fence posts.
You can buy pre-constructed Closeboard Fence Panels or Lap Fence Panels (where the boards run horizontally rather than vertically), but true closeboard fencing is constructed on site with individual components.

It might seem easier and quicker to use pre-constructed fence panels, but closeboard fencing has several advantages such as security,  Versatility, Strength and durability

Closeboard fencing is a simple construction of posts, rails, gravel boards and featheredge boards. Posts should be a minimum of 100x100mm section and concreted into the ground at a depth of approximately 600mm (for an 1800mm or 6′ fence). The distance between the post centres should ideally not exceed 3m (10ft).

Rails are then fixed horizontally either between or across the face of the posts; usually two rails are needed on 1.2m (4ft) high fences and below, with three rails used on higher boundaries.
The boards are then individually nailed to the front of the rails, with the thicker side of the board overlapping the thinner side of the next board.

The 25-year manufacturers guarantee on the panels is only applicable if they have gravelboards below or are raised above the ground by 50mm, if they are in contact with any soil they won’t be covered.   The posts and gravelboards are perfectly fine to be placed in ground contact.

Paint and protect your exterior wood

We make hand made custom premium fence panel that are framed and lot stronger than many panel such as the lap panel fence. We use concrete or wooden posts and gravel boards to fulfill your style as some people like more natural look and go for wooden post rather than concrete post.
Wood outside is constantly under attack from the weather. This can lead to it looking old and worn. To stop this, you need Ronseal Weatherproof 10 Year Exterior Wood Paint. It provides the ultimate protection and keeps your wood looking like new for longer. So you can rest assured your wood won’t crack, peel or blister for 10 Years.