Hedge Trimming

hedge trimming
hedge trimming

Don’t let your garden get out of control!

Unruly hedges and trees can quickly ruin the aesthetics of a property. That’s why it’s important that you call in an expert when things get out of hand. Whether it’s to deal with a large conifer hedge or a small box hedge, our capable green thumbs have got you covered. We do this by using professional tools, equipment and experience that gardeners don’t have.

Rest assured that we can reach even the hardest to access hedges thanks to safety ladders and specialist gear. It’s all about providing great value for money and a service that is second to none.

A perfect job, every time

A&A Gardening Services prides itself on doing a perfect job every time. In fact, we have a keen eye for detail and we never take shortcuts. This means we apply our experience and knowledge to every call-out so you always get the best results.

We take safety seriously. That’s why our team is fully trained and has years of experience trimming hedges of all shapes and sizes.